Classroom Training

TASER M-26 and X-26 User Course

This course will introduce the basic skills and knowledge needed to carry the most advanced less-than-lethal tool for law enforcement today. It includes functionality, nomenclature, and maintenance of the Advanced TASER. It will qualify participating officers to carry the M-26 and X-26 TASER.

4 Hours

Professional Traffic Stops I

This course addresses the need for aggressive traffic enforcement. It includes principles concerning search and seizure, and a strong focus is on the positive aspects of profiling and the negative aspects of "racial profiling" when engaging in traffic enforcement and its effect on police-community relations. This course is designed for the Basic Recruit, and Traffic Enforcement Officer.

3 Hours

Professional Traffic Stops II

This course addresses the issues facing the supervising officer over traffic enforcement. It includes the supervisor's role when dealing with search and seizure issues, racial profiling, officer misconduct, with a strong focus on officer professionalism and ethics.

2 Hours

Dealing with the Mentally Disabled

This course provides criminal justice professionals key skills of quick and accurate identification, understanding and management of developmentally disabled persons. It provides essential information to enable the student to avoid "unfortunate" situations.

2 Hours

Prevailing in Low-Light Conditions

This course will introduce and explain the concept of officer survival in low light conditions. It includes principles of tactical movement in low light conditions, correct decision making under duress, and gives an understanding of basic lighting principles.

4 Hours

Decision to Shoot

This course is designed to promote the discussion of when you are not only justified to use lethal force but if you are mentally ready to use lethal force. Lethal force judgment scenarios will be dissected and evaluated to open the decision makers mind to the mental ramifications of using lethal force.

1 1/2 Hours

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