About the Company

Advanced Force Tactics, Inc. was incorporated in February of 1999 in response to a need for affordable, top-quality training in the use of force by law enforcement and security agencies. In discussing training available from other firms, we received complaints of inadequately trained instructors, faulty or obsolescent equipment, repetitive showings of the same scenarios, and trainers more interested in selling simulators than in conducting effective training. We were determined to use our many years of experience in conducting quality judgmental shooting training, combined with our expertise in training development, forensic psychology, and psycholinguistics to devise a program of instruction that would afford client agencies the best training value anywhere. At the same time, we evaluated all types of judgmental use of force simulators on the market today, and chose the IES Range 2000 because of its high quality digital video images, its upgradability and its reliability. Today, we use the IES Milo Pro simulator, four generations newer, for the same reasons.

Our corporate goals are:

  1. Provide the best quality judgmental shooting and use-of-force training possible to law enforcement and security agencies.
  2. Provide a pleasant, safe, and lucrative work environment for our employees.
  3. Provide positions where disabled or retired law enforcement officers can pass on their expertise to others.
  4. Provide a decent rate of return to our investors.

We are currently looking for both sales representatives and trainers with experience in law enforcement, particularly in use of force issues. Computer skills are highly desired. Training positions require extensive travel. Hiring preference will be given to law enforcement officers forced to retire through physical disability and to honorably retired law enforcement officers.